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9-18-2018 Chatroom in Development

I owe this website an update, and a few experimental services. I realized that I am passionate about talking to people online. After all, I had my first kiss with a young woman from New Hampshire on the old chatroom http://grab.com, back when they still had chatrooms. However, I use this website to impress people for interviews and self promotion, and things can get pretty unflattering - i.e. "cringey," - in a chatroom. Therefore, I am not adding a link to it on the menubar, but will add some secret link or button for it. I will update the blog when I make it, but for now just use the link in the title of this post. For now, it is a copy of the 404 page, but eventually - and hopefully - it will be a classic functioning chatroom that hopefully will not get DDoS attacked!

7-26-17 Self Sponsorship on YTMND.com

I created a silly site on YTMND.com with a friend of mine 11 years ago. Today, I decided to give more life to the old website, which didn't have any sponsored sites on the front page like it usually does. Visit the website, and see the link to the one we created on the front page.

2-22-17 Ultima Rune converter

For those who have never heard of the Ultima series, but are big fans of RPGs: I'm afraid you are missing out if you have not played Ultima VII. Therefore, I have released a tool for android phones which is very helpful for translating signs in that game. Check it out in the apps section, it has a link to the Ultima VII files, and emulators to run them. It's not your typical RPG story, and is very engaging. Just write down all the clues you come across!

2-19-17 Baking Pizza

The pizza agenda is centered around 3 tasks with the following waiting periods:

  1. Formation: until doubled size; 18 - 24 hours:

    Alton Brown, my source below, uses an automatic mixer with an olive oil-lubed metal attachment on 2 cups bread flour, 4Tbls sugar, 2Tbls Salt, 2Tbls Oil, and 1.5 cups warm water, for 15 minutes. The show uses half those portions, and explains how there is no yeast-sugar-water preparation necessary for the standard granular yeast.

    I hand mix though. Just wet your tools/hands before mixing. I also use more flour, form a pool with my hands in the dough, and knead in small portions of more warm water until the dough is so sticky that it makes a leathery noise when I start to knead it. When it gets too sticky, I dip it into the large bowl to get some more flower onto it.

    This hand-kneading strategy helps the dough develop.

    The 2 above links abridged: knead and balance the water/flour ratio it until it gets the elastic property illustrated below: the Baker's Windowpane:

    This is supposed to be a picture of the baker's windowpane; email hastings.james@hotmail.com to update his site!

    To determine when you're done kneading: take a small portion of the dough, form a flat surface with it, and stretch this surface until, when held up to the light, some light penetrates the dough surface evenly. If the dough sample is this elastic, then you're done kneading. If it breaks, your flour/water ratio is off, or the dough needs more kneading for development.

    Cover the large mixing bowl with plastic wrap. Keep it out if you want to use the dough sooner than 18 hours, and the dough will grow more quickly. Put it in the refrigerator otherwise. Chill for a while, and get ready for quality p1zz4. Get some exercise or call someone you like, while Alton Brown is somewhere thinking of a dumb joke, for his show that now you don't have to listen to.

    Don't let the monster dough ball sit in the fridge more than a day, unless you want to throw flour at an amorphous blob of raw bread. See the next step if you want some pizza dough ammo you can use any time you're hungry for the rest of the week.

  2. Division: instantly - 1 week:

    Oil your hands and a CLEAN surface, and empty the big bowl onto it. Use a clean, oil-lubed, edge to divide the dough ball into pizza portions. Roll each division into balls, rolling them along the surface like balls, without any kneading. Put the dough balls you do not intend to use in individual, Pam-spray-lined, ziplock bags.

  3. Preparation: 7 - 20 min:

    Preheat to 500 first, it takes longest.

    Lube a pizza pan. If using a stone lube the bottom of a pan. Drop your dough sphere on it, kneading it flat with your fists. You may raise it in your fists and try tossing... just stretch until it is thin as perferred. Don't be too afraid of leaks, quality is thin and consistent dough. See the Baker's Windowpane image above.

    Brush the crust with more oil. If using a stone, make sure it can move so its transferrable to the oven, then get a long spatula to slide it out when it's done in the oven, before you put it in.

    Let it sit depending on how you want the crust: Crisp, wait a minute, or dress the pizza now. Fluff, let it sit for 15 min, then sauce + cheese.

    Stick that raw pizza in the oven just until the crust is brown and the cheese is boiling, 4-5 min depending on how many toppings you added.

    When it's ready, slide it out with an oven mit, or if using a stone right onto a cutting board, pulling from the back. Let it sit for a minute so that the cheese settles before dividing.

    Turn off the oven when you're done baking. Feel your stomach rumble and your mouth water.


Food Network Recipie,
the good eats episode demonstrating the recipie, with all the geeky Alton Brown jokes

2-14-17 I reupload library.html 3 times. #humblebrag

Just kidding, I hate twitter.

Library has been updated to include an algorithm "text e-book" that is not a torrent or a virus (as far as I can tell on Ubuntu 16).

I also added a link for the UMBC Progressives Baltimore Activist Playbook.

It may also be accessed from jaystings.com/umbcProgressives.html

2-13-17 UMBC Progressives Agenda

I have uploaded the agenda for the UMBC progressives group here.
I have also updated the apps page with some recently uploaded android apps:
A custom holiday card app, just in time for Valentines
And an aid for triangle breathing meditation
both are for Android.

9-14-16 I update my website

The Tao Te Ching

8-19-16: I discovered br

The Key to Love

Love is not a science. It is much too simple.
You must only get your lover's spoken consent,
And the consent of their fascinated eyes.
As with many problems, there is more than one solution.
There must be with this type of problem.
With this problem, more than one complexity is involved,
But no one is more or less complex than the next.
We all only have so much love to give.
So to the net I say, give all your love!
And the ones which give back and have your back are worth it :)

Anyway, I'm updating every part of this website now when I post here, haha
including the dates in the footer, and consistent date protocol: no /s, just -s!


I am being urged to create a store like interface for a friend of mine, so a store shall be coming soon. It will be a prototype at first, and then I shall come up with something all my own after making the product for my customer.


I'm almost done with the blog portion of the html website. I am curious at this point as to where I should actually host blogs and other web services, whether they should be in java or javascript. It doesn't matter for now, I will continue incrementing slowly...


I am offering to create informative websites for modern professionals who still have need of one. It's 2016 and there's a website for every business and service on the market. Make your space on the net with your own domain and resume page, so you can put a URL leading to your portfolio online.


I have started developing this website for the purpose of giving it to future employers and customers to demonstrate my talents in an accessible server. Upon development, I realized that I'm not the only one who has need of these services. Therefore, I have decided to look into registering as a business and offering web development as a service to those who are not online, particularly young professionals who would put it on a business card.